The 10 most overrated programs

Published: 03rd February 2011
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The software world has its bias and, oddly enough, there are programs that fall better than others. It is those programs that seem better than they are and, thanks to the fame acquired for various reasons, end up eclipsing others who may be the same or even better.

Iíve compiled a list of programs that, in my opinion, are much more benevolent criticism for who they are than for what they actually offer. Of course, most of you will disagree with this hp pavilion dv7 battery list because, if so, it would be wrong. In any case, note that an overrated program not have to be bad, but just not as as good as is commonly thought.

1. Ares

Ares The general view is that this is a fast and easy. Although more or less true, the truth is that it has shortcomings and problems that notable, so far from being as good as it looks.

Eclipsed: Frostwire, Bearshare, Shareaza.

2. Ad-Aware

Formerly a practical and efficient program that today is overwhelmed by the variety of threats, reducing their utility to delete cookies and little else. There is a great protection, but users still perceive it as well.

Eclipsed: Windows Defender, Malwarebytes AntiMalware.

3. iTunes

It usually presents as centralized management application iPod and iPhone, plus media center, hiding really overloaded and limited hp pavilion dv8 battery program, in addition to "almost" an imposition on the owners of the devices already mentioned.

Eclipsed: Windows Media Player, JetAudio.

4. Google Talk

Any program with Googleís name has a special shine and glamor. And maybe this glow that belies the reality: a very simple and limited functions surpassed by almost any other messaging program.

Eclipsed: Gizmo5.

5. WinRar

WinRar is an excellent program, but it is not so different from other programs that perform the same function-sometimes even better-and they are free.

Eclipsed: IZArc, 7-Zip, Peazip.

6. Nero

Since version 6, this program has changed a lot, but the recorder hp pavilion dv7 battery itself is basically the same. And if your day is installed on your PC with a travel bag, luggage and furniture is now bringing their own. The truth is that most of the time does not offer anything you can not get with other free software.

Eclipsed: InfraRecorder, CDBurnerXP, DeepBurner.

7. Defraggler

Defraggler owes more to the fame of CCleaner, its funny name and colorful icon to their actual functions. Free Defragmenter "to defragment option folders and files? Yes, thatís fine, but is not the only.

Eclipsed: Power Defragmenter GUI, WinContig, Ultimate Defrag.

8. Firefox

Perceived by many as a gift from the gods, Firefox has drawbacks and faults as any other program, but are often overlooked. It is probably, overall, the browser hp pavilion dv8 battery offers better customer service, but that does not make him an excellent product, but in the one-eyed man in the world of the blind.

Eclipsed: Opera.

9. Winamp

Winamp is still the most popular MP3 player, and owes much to take years in the limelight. Few improvements in the latest versions, whereas with the passage of time has been gaining weight and becoming slower than desirable.

Eclipsed: AIMP, Foobar, ALSong.

10. The Gimp

It is not easy to break into the world of typesetting and graphic editing, but The Gimp has done it. Being open source and the "darling" of Linux has helped somewhat, and to remember that free software is, by definition, free, and no better or worse than the owner free of charge.

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